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Full name of children : Yangji Lama Tamang
Date of birth of children : 01/10/1997
Sex : Female
Permanent address : Rasuwa, Shyapru-8
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : 2011
Kind of disability of children : Multiple disability (physically)
Name of school : Kapan Multiple Campus
Location of school : Kapan, KTM
Class: 12
Name of father : Karma jimpa Tamang
Name of Mother : Kishang dolma Tamang
Economics condition : Poor

Yangji Lama Tamang is 21 years old village girl. She was born in Rasuwa, Shyapru Besi-8. She have got seven family members. She has got two younger sister and one younger brother. Her father name is Karma Jimpa Tamang and mother name is Kishang Dolma Tamang.

Her parent’s economical condition is very poor. Her both parents are engaged in agriculture for fullfilling their basic needs.

When she was born, there was no any sign of health problem but later she started having problem in her movement .It was like complete paralysis.

She couldn’t move her body properly at the age of 3 year in comparison with the other normal child. Then her parent realize that she should be sent to the hospital for the treatment. Yangji Tamang’s parent immediately brought her to the HRDC hospital at Banepa.

She was given some medine at the HRDC hospital for some days, so after getting the medicine, she began to finds herself normal. She could able to do her body movement. Her parent thought that now she will fine in coming day after that they didn’t go to the hospital for the treatment.

Yangji Tamang got contact with CDCA at the age of 11 year. She was got contact by the person who was well known about our CDCA organization. Now its been 6 years that she has been brought here.

Along with the medical treatment she is doing her study too here, she is studying in grade 8. She finds herself here at CDCA very comfortable and good . She is having the new life at our CDCA organization.

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