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Wheelchair Support

Post Date : Mar 13th, 2018

Name of children: Samiksha Lakhan

Sex: Female

Age: 6 years old

Birth place: Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu

Father’s name:  Majhi Lakhan

Mother’s name:Shanta Lakhan

If children is reading:No

Family background: Low economic condition

Samiksha Lakhan is 6 years old and lives in  Bu.Na.Pa  11 Kathmandu.  She is heart patient that’s why she takes medicine regularly which is very expensive. She is not able to go to school because her family can’t afford the facility of transportation and she can’t go by her foot and don’t have inclusive education near by.

Samiksha is suffering from CP (cerebral palsy) after birth.  Her mother is suffering for heart disease. Due to which her father is only source of income. Thus  they were not able to provide her wheelchair and they were keeping her in ordinary chair. Thus mother was facing difficulty in taking care of her. That’s why  CDCA provided her a especial wheelchair designed for CP children.

We would like to thank Freuli Mandi Nepal Namesta for providing us the wheelchair. Your support will have positive impact in the life of Samiksha Lakhan.

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