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Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance Project

Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance program

Nepal lacks the skilled manpower to repair wheelchair and don’t have a repair center. So this project aims to generate manpower and provide basic service to the wheelchair users. Along with awareness to caregiver, health support, assistance. Thus with this motive we started this project. In the initial stage we faced the following challenges

  • the professional trainer to the manpower for wheelchair repair and maintenance
  • collection of broken and abandoned wheelchair
  • networking and publicity of the project
  • awareness & convince  the  users, institution related to disabilities, officials and other that the idea of wheelchair repair and reuse is possible
  • collection of fund for the project


To achieve the above mentioned objectives following activities are carried out till 9/24/2019 under the wheelchair repair and maintenance training. Mahila, Angdwad, Mithun, Somnath and Tak are the trainee of wheelchair repair and assistance program.

  • Basic drawing understanding of wheelchair. Is essential as it provide the introduction of the parts of wheelchair and its function & importance.
  • Basic maintenance component wheelchair like sanitation of seat, armrest, back rest, foot paddles etc
  • Wheelchair measurement of wheelchair size: In this how to properly take the measurement of wheelchair is taught. As prescribing proper size of wheelchair is essential according to WHO Guideline.
  • Basic tools handling: In this basic knowledge about how to handle tools are taught. Like angle of holding tools, pressure that needs to be applied etc.
  • Safety while using tools and machinery: Basic safety measure that are taken in the course of handling tools. It helps to prevent any risk or accidents in course of working with power tools and equipment. Like using safety goggles, aprons, gloves, hamlet, etc.
  • Hand filling of the rust and dirt collected in the different parts in order to eliminate the risk of infection and it also helps in maintaining the functioning of wheelchair
  • Cutting of the rods, fiber plates to make different parts or modify the parts for making wheelchair user friendly. For example fiber glass plate is used in making side panel in the armrest of the wheelchair.
  • Grinding: In this power tool is used to remove any pointy or rough surface of the parts to make it smooth. It is necessary for the safety of wheelchair  as it prevents the risk of cut or laceration during the use of wheelchair

Basic assessment of wheelchair is according to the WHO Guideline of wheelchair basic:


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