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Wheelchair handover program


A Program to Handover Wheelchairs by Center for disabled Children Assistance (CDCA) to Self Help Group for Cerebral Palsy Nepal (SGCP) The Center for Disabled Children Assistance, Nepal (CDCA) is a non profit making, social organization actively working to provide rehabilitative services to disabled children since its establishment in 2006 A.D. Children from various remote places of Nepal are accommodated in the roof of CDCA. It has been conducting various programs that provisions better life of disabled children. On 13th August, 2018, CDCA conducted “Wheelchair Handover Program”, the main purpose of which was to transfer all the accessories of wheelchair provided by German Wheelchair Project  to one of the reputed NGO namely, Self Help Group for Cerebral Palsy Nepal (SGCP). There was a special guest ship of theconstituent assembly member: Kusum Kumar Karki, Vice President of Society Welfare Council: Nilmani Baral, Mayor of Budhanilkantha Municipality: Uddhav Prasad Kharel, Chief Executive Officer of SGCP Nepal: Bimal Shrestha and other staffs including the ward officers. The program accomplished with the participation of such intellectual personalities from both governmental and non governmental agencies.

Wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits. It is used when walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury or disability. Wheelchair can prove beneficial to children with Cerebral Palsy as it helps them to sit or move comfortably with improved posture or body alignment. Wheelchair can let them access opportunities like health, education, employment and make them self-reliant.

Wheelchair is an essential device for mobility impaired people. However, its correct use and maintenance is even more important. In Nepal, there are lots of evidences and examples regarding wastage due to the lack of manpower and facilities that repair and maintain the wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are donated by various national and international agencies to relevant organizations or individuals. After sometime, mechanical problems may begin to appear in those wheelchairs. While due to lack of manpower, essential spare parts and service centers, those devices are deprived of repair thus, ultimately get converted into rubbish.Keeping these into consideration, CDCA is preparing to conduct a project in behalf of Wheelchair maintenance and repair in Nepal. The principal objective of the project is to enable reuse of the old wheelchairs and prevent them from converting into waste. The main strategies of the project would be:-Ø Organize workshops and discussion events for sharing ideas and issues, Ø Proceed towards efficient manpower production who can technically repair wheelchair and make them reusable, durable and user friendly Ø Assessing the situation of wheelchair users through a sampling survey Ø Coordinating with relevant organizations  The handover of wheelchair by CDCA to SGCP is indeed a worthful way of enabling coordination and collaboration with related organization. This step so pursued would be very much helpful in implementation of proposed “Wheelchair repair project” of CDCA.




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