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Various support by Jeff, Heather and Team

This event was conducted on 23rd April and 24th April in CDCA. The event was leaded Jeff Evans , Heather Thomson and  wheelchair support by Eric Donoho, USA. He makes this possible through fund raising. The 5 wheelchairs were very special for the CP (Cerebral Palsy) children and other 3 were normal wheelchairs. The team also consist of bio-mechanical engineer to customize the wheelchair according to the need of children. They also give orientation for the care of wheelchair and how the sanitation helps to prevent skin rashes and irritation.

Children who got the wheelchairs:

  1. Wangda Sherpa (CP children)
  2. Bishnu Maya Neupane ( CP children)
  3. Isha Gurung (CP children)
  4. Samikshya Lakhan ( CP children)
  5. Priti BK (CP children)
  6. Pema Chhiring (CP children)
  7. Ganesh Pun
  8. Shresha Shai (CP children)
  9. Manish Rai

The team also set-up the health camp where the children of CDCA get health check and medicine. They also check-up the children that get the wheelchair to see any skin rashes or irritation. Also their sugar level is checked to see the risk factor of sitting on the wheelchair for long time and care to be taken of the children.

They also provided the water filter to the CDCD which was later distributed and installed in CDCA Care Home, Joshep Higher Secondary School, Nepal Charter School, Tri-Joti Higher Secondary School, Prashanti Academy, Manjushree School and Bal Udhar Higher Secondary School.


The team donated the 4 laptops, boots, sandal, reading materials and musical instrument to CDCA and they spend quality time with the children which brought happiness in children. Megan Goodwin from same team stayed in CDCA for 10 days and volunteered in the Reading education Program and facilities in the workshop on inclusive education where 16 Public and Private school participated.



This event has inspired many more and assisted CDCA in many ways. CDCA family would like to thank the whole team. The especial thanks to Jeff, Heather, Eric, Remembrance, Megan, Travis, Jen and Nims.


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