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Support by Lakpa Sherpa

Managing Director of Pioneer Adventure P.Ltd  Lakpa Sherpa is the professional trekking and mountaineering guide. He is also a part of rescue operation in mountains and has submitted many mountains above 6000 meters. He organized a fund raising event called LIFE SAVERS with the cooperation of Brian Barnes of Ireland. They raised Rs 1,50,000 and hand over 1lakh amount to the Chairperson of  Center for Disabled Children Assistance and food materials worth of 50 thousand. CDCA family would like to thank from the bottom of heart for his support and cooperation. Your contribution is a symbol of volunteerism and humanity.

Supported Items

S.N Description Quantity
1 Rice 500 kg
2 Cooking Oil 40 liters
3 Daal 70 kg
4 Noodles 10 cartoon
5 Sugar 20 kg

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