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Story of Maila Ghale: Trainee of Wheelchair Repair & Maintenance Project

Maila Ghale is 18 years boy studying in grade 12 in Baludhar Higher Secondary School. He was born in Gorkha, Uhiya 9. He has got five family members. He has got one big brother, one younger sister and his father and mother. His father name is Bahadur Ghale and mother name is Purnima Ghale. He belongs very poor family. His family doesn’t have the proper income source for the livelihood.

His parents engage in traditional agriculture where there is no enough production for them to have the saving. Their farming is only helping them to fulfill their daily needs hardly. He was born normally. There was no problem with his health, when he was three years; he had an accident in his house.

He was left alone in house with his elder brother, there parent have gone to the work in the field. He and his brother were playing at the moment, after playing hours, they felt tired and they went to sleep. They have their bed beside the fire place. As in the Himalayan region of Nepal people sleep alongside of fire as they is excessive cold. While sleeping Maila’s both leg fell on the fire pit. His elder brother age 10 saw this incident and was afraid of the situation; for the movement he was frozen but he reacted by putting of the fire by putting water. At this movement Maila already had 3rd degree burn. His family came after hours finishing the task of the field.

Maila village is in the rural Himalayan region of the Nepal, where there are no basic medical facilities till now. His family didn’t have awareness about the medical treatment. They took him to the nearby witch-doctor; whose treatment was not effective to cure the burnt wound of Maila. Slowly his wound start to get worse, it had heavy infection and slowly his toe and muscle start to fall off and bones started to show.

Villagers suggested his family to take him to the hospital. Bur, he was not taken to the hospital, due the poor economic condition of his family. His parents were illiterate and didn’t forecast the risk and health hazards.

At the moment there were sign of hope for the help and support for the treatment of Maila Gale.

Mr. Dendi Sherpa ((Founder & Chairman of Center for Disabled Children Assistance) used to guide the tourist to the beautiful place of Nepal, so as a regular schedule of MrDendi, he went to guide the tourist to Gorkha and meetMaila Gale and other with the similar condition there.At the moment the CDCA organization have not been established. After listening their problem he decided to help them by establishing CDCA. After the 3 years of the accident Maila was brought to Kathmandu and taken to HDRC Hospital. In the age of 4 he got his first treatment. Here he had multiple surgerys.

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