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Siwani Lama

Siwani Lama

CASE STUDY: Economic crisis
Every family has their own kind of problems, we all are going through different types of problem. Some people choose to fight with it and some don’t but the people fighting for it are the real fighter. Many people can’t afford to provide proper food, education, shelter, environment to their children due to various reason and NGOs/INGOs are there for their rescue. NGOs/INGOs will help the family improve their living standard. When there’s the only one breadwinner in the family it is very frustrating for the family so they have to get the helping hands from anywhere that’s possible.

Here we present a case study of a little girl and her family:-

Family Background

Siwani was born in Kavrepalanchowk, Salle who is 3 and half years old now. She has four family members, her mother, her father and her elder sister. Her mother is the only one who earns in the family as her elder sister is in school herself so she’s not working yet and her father has a paralysis and his one kidney failed to work. Her mother works as a labor in construction site so the earning is not sufficient for their livelihood and as her father also has a health problem, her mother has to take him to the Om hospital every 2 weeks. Her mother has to pay for his injection which costs Rs.1800 per syringe and medicine as well but the Dilust is free from the hospital because of their poor financial condition. Siwani’s elder sister is supported by Puspalal Memorial Higher Secondary School but still has to pay the annual fee and as her mother’s income is not sufficient for their livelihood her mother came for the help in CDCA.


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