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For the better future of children from the background it has been providing scholarship to the children with physical disability and without disability at private boarding and governments schools. It has been providing scholarship at three governments schools & one private boarding school.

  • Nawa Jagritti Higher Secondary School- Kapan, Kathmandu: 16 students from class Nursery to class 10.
  • Bal Uddhar Higher Secondary School – Kapan, Kathmandu : 10 students from class Nursery to Class 10.
  • Sishakhola lower Secondary School- Sishakhola, Okhaldhunga- 10 students from class Nursery to class 5.

Pushpalal Memorial Boarding School is a private boarding school, located at Kapan, Kathmandu where 15 children with disabilities & 11 children with no disabilities are from poor family of Kapan area are studying at Pushpalal Memorial Boarding School. Altogether CDCA is providing scholarship to 26 students at Pushpalal Memorial Boarding School. Theirs parents works in construction sites, garment factory in daily wages basis.

CDCA pays for their annual fees, admission fees, monthly fees, exams fees, school uniforms, stationary (Text books, copies, pencils). Children are selected in coordination with school and application from parents.

CDCA will support them up to higher education (10+2).

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