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Sandhya Khadka

Full name: Sandhya Khadka

Age: 14

Father’s name: Rajendra Khadka

Mother’s name: Puja Khadka

Details information:

Sandhya Khadka is 12 year old. She was born in Payatar, Kapan Budhanilkantha Municipality. There are 4 members in her family; she is second child & has one elder brother. Her father name is Rajendra Khadka & her mother name is Puja Khadka.

Her mother worked as a labor and has all the responsibility of her family on her shoulder. She works irregular because of her husband health condition and she is also suffering from nervous system. Her income is invested on her husband health treatment (her husband is paralysis and has to take medicine regularly and now it has been almost 4 years) due to which they got a very poor economic family condition. So, that’s the reason her parents cannot fulfill the basic needs and requirements.

Her mother is (only the income source of her whole family) busy in her work & her income is only enough to fulfill her family need. Her mother is studying in grade 9 & he has been also supported by someone for his education. She wants to study in good school but her parents were unable to provide her better education. That’s the reason why she needs supports.

Right now she is studying in grade 6 at Prahshanti Academy.

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