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Report of Food Relief COVID-19

The global Covid-19 pandemic has wrought havoc across the continents, leaving behind not just thousands dead, but also the global economy in tatters.

According to estimates from the International Labour Organisation, nearly 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide as a result of the pandemic.

“The economic and labour crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic could increase global unemployment by almost 25 million,” reads the ILO statement. “An initial assessment of the impact of Covid-19 on the global world of work says the effects will be far-reaching, pushing millions of people into unemployment, underemployment and working poverty, and proposes measures for a decisive, coordinated and immediate response.”

For the Nepali economy, which is already reeling from the effects of the global Covid-19 outbreak, this will mean a significant rise in unemployment, according to labour experts.

According to Jeevan Baniya, assistant director of the Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility at Social Science Baha, a think tank, Covid-19 can have cascading effects on the country’s labour market.

“The impacts are already visible. Some employers have already started laying off employees whereas others have asked them to stay on unpaid leave for some time,” said Baniya. “The effects are likely to worsen in the coming days as often happens during times of shocks and disasters.”

Daily-wage earners will be the hardest hit, as they have to go out every day to make ends meet. Experts urge the state to identify the most vulnerable groups, not only in terms of safety but also those who are likely to go through immediate job loss.

As more and more cities/towns get locked, daily wage workers have turned out the most vulnerable class falling prey to unemployment. A grim thought strikes that if not the virus, unemployment could turn out to be valid reason for many daily wage earners struggling for survival. As per the Nepal Labor Force Survey 2017/18, around 62.2 per cent are employed in the informal sectors. As the government shuts down the industries, markets, companies, the physical supply and demand chain has been largely impacted. It has left the economy in noticeable decline. Amidst this situation, the most impacted ones are the daily wage earners.
The government has made all the efforts to provide and make all the essential goods accessible for purchase and supplied without being obstructed by any means. Here the question of supply itself isn’t the primary question, it’s also the means to get the demand exhausted. If the daily wage earners are not earning any cash the mere supply of the essential goods cannot be purchased at all. As cash is already critical for every business right now, it is definite that this segment will be affected the most as the lockdown continues.
There are already questions that have come up after the lockdown. Would there be possibility of daily wage earners getting any work promptly? Would the prices be the same after the lockdown? Would the production and consumption be the same at it was previously? Would there be no price gouging?

But in the present situation government has been expanding the time of lockdown. Hence the support package launched by government is not able to fulfill the basic need of the daily wage worker. Thus, CDCA has provided food support to daily wage worker, disabled people and their families and low income generating families.. This support has to be continued in coming days.

S.No Name  Temporary address Permanent Address Family members
1 Somnath Rai Kapantar Sankhasawa 2
2 Tek Bdr Budhathoki Kapantar Okhaldhunga 3
3 Sangita Rai Bunpa-10 Udhayapur 4
4 Samjhana Ban Bunpa-11 Khotang 6
5 Yubraj Ban Bunpa-11 Khotang 5
6 Champa Khadka Bunpa-11 Sindhupalchowk 4
7 Sushila Subedi Bunpa-11 Okhaldhunga 3
8 Amrita Tamang Bunpa-11 Dolakha 2
9 Asmita Sunuwar Bunpa-11 Nuwakoot 2
10 Kumar Rai Bunpa-10 Solukhumbu 5
11 Bojan Sunuwar Bunpa-12 Ramechhap 8
12 Kamana Rai Bunpa-11 Udyapur 7
13 Manoj Chaudadhary Bunpa-11 Kailali 6
14 Keshab RanaMagar Bunpa-10 Sindupalchhowk 2
15 Prem Kumar Shrestha Bunpa-10 Parsa 3
16 Chameli Rai Bunpa-11 Bhojpur 5
17 Pratima Limbu Bunpa-11 Taplejung 3
18 Dev Bahadur Shrestha Bunpa-11 Sinduli 4
19 Rajendra Khadka Bunpa-11 Paiyatar 6
20 Buddhi Maya Rai Bunpa-11 Ilam 7
21 Samjhana Tamang Bunpa-10 Sindhuli 9
22 Phul Maya Tamang Bunpa-12 Nuwakoot 2
23 Arjun Shrestha Bnupa-11 Ramechhap 5
24 Dev Bdr. Basnet Bnupa-12 Solukhumbu 7
25 Chankc Bnupa-11 Solukhumbu 3
26 Kesari Tamang Simaltar Dolkha 4
27 Arjun Rai Bnupa-11 Khotang 6
28 Pritam Limbu Bhupa-11 Jhapa 9
29 Sharki Sherpa Kapan Faika Solukhumbu 5
30 Manzil Rai Bnupa-11 Solukhumbu 2
31 Jangdu Sherpa Tenzingchowk Sindupalchowk 3
32 Janak Khatiwada Bnupa-12 Okhaldhunga 5
33 Sanu Gurung Payatar 7
34 Bhagat Bdr Payatar 3
35 Sita Gautam Payatar 4
36 Prabesh Limbu Payatar 3
37 Loal Tamang Payatar 5
38 Dhanraj Limbu Payatar 3
39 Manju Tamang Payatar 6
40 Krishna Maya Tamang Payatar 4
41 Chandra Kumari Bastola Narayanchowk 4
42 Kalpana Pokhrel Narayanchowk 3
43 Ram Kumar Bista Narayanchowk 2
44 Arjun Thapaliya Bnupa 10 9
45 Dil Bdr. Puri Bnupa 11 Khotang 3
46 Man Bdr. Bhale Baluwakhani Shankuwasaba 2
47 Chhak Bdr. Rai Bnupa 10 Dhankuta 3
48 Arjun Tamang Bnupa 10 Dolkha 1
49 Santosh Rai Bnupa 10 Dhankuta 2
50 Nima Sanghe Tamang Ram Mandhir Khotang 4
51 Kunjang Sherpa Simaltar Solukhumbu 6
52 Ang Gelu Sherpa Simaltar Solukhumbu 4
53 Pemba Wonchu Sherpa Ram Mandhir Solukhumbu 3
54 Pemba Dorje Sherpa Ram Mandhir Solukhumbu 3
55 Amrit Bahadur Pariyar Krishna Mandir Lamjung 6
56 Nima Gyalbo Tamang Durga Mandir Sindupalchowk 4
57 Sangita Tamang Payatar Solukhumbu 4
58 Laxmi Tamang Solukhumbu 3
59 Aite Tamang Sindupalchowk 4
60 Santosh Limbu Pamchathar 3
61 Sita Devi Basnet Ramechhap 4
62 Kabit Shrestha Solukhumbu 2
63 Dipa Timalsina Jhapa 3
64 Amita Tamang Khotang 5
65 Sibala Rai Khotang 4
66 Radha Gurung Kavre 5
67 Sita Adhakari Bnupa10 2
68 Shubhadra Lama
69 Beduka Kumari Damai Bnupa-10 2
70 Shiva Khadka 6
71 Nirkumar Bujel Bnupa-11 2
72 Jiben Bujel Bnupa-11 1
73 Krishna Bdr Rai Bnupa-12 Sindupalchowk 4
74 Maya Gurnug Bnupa-12 Tanahau 7
75 Kalpana Magar Bnupa-12 Udhayapur 4
76 Dafuti Sherpa Bnupa-12 Sotang Solu 1
77 Dambar Kumari Gurng Bnupa12 Parsa 1
78 Gita Devi Gurung Bnupa-12 Sindupalchowk
79 Sita Tamang Jorpati Ramechhap
80 Jaghat Bdr Khatri Bhupa-10 Baksila 8
81 Suita Karki Bnupa-10 4
82 Suntali Magar Bhnupa-10 Sinduli 6
83 Ashmita Sunuwar Bnupa-11 Nuwakot
84 Rajen Poudel Bnupa-10 6
85 Laxmi Silwal Bnupa-10 4
86 Soba Tamang Jorpati 1
87 Dawa Sherpa Kapan Bhojpur 3
88 Biru Dhunhana Handi Gaun Nuwakot 2
89 Arjun Bujel Tinkune Charikot Dolkha 7
90 Ganga Giri Makalbari Britnagar 3
91 Anju Basnet Jorpati Dolkha 2
92 Goma Tamang Jorpati Dhading 3
93 Manisha Magar Satdovato Dolkha 3
94 Sunmaya Tamang Gothatar Nawadurga Tole
95 Durga Chaudhary
96 Bhakta Kumari Karki Kritipur Ramechhap 2
97 Anisha Adhikari safredhunga
98 Puja Rai Makalbari
99 Laxmi Rai Makalbari
100 Jayakala Rai Makalbari
101 Manisha Chaulagain Sukedhara Udhayapur
102 Yuna Rai Makalbari Shankhuwasava
103 Mane Tamang Pepsikola Dhading
104 Bikram Tamang Pepsikola Dhading
105 Prem Chalane Kritipur Aacham
106 Tham Bdr Pun Aakasedhara Myagdi
107 Binod Poudel Jorpati Barabise 7
108 Shuntali Shrestha Shankar Chowk Gorkha 4
109 Anjana Thapa Dhading
110 Binod KC Dolkha 5
111 Narayan Poudel Dolkha 7
112 Laxmi Gurung Jambodanda Lamjung 7
113 Ram Prasad Panta Gothatar Dolkha
114 Laxmi KC (father is disabled) Gothatar Dolkha 5
115 Niroj Kumar Bujel Bnupa-11 Khotangh 2
116 Subdhara Lama Bnupa-10 Sindupalchowk
117 Pemba Sherpa Bnupa-11 Okhaldhunga 6
118 Dawa Sherpa Bnupa-11 Taplejung 5
119 Furi Sherpa Bnupa-12 Solukhumbu 3
120 Lxman Gising Bnupa-10 Udhayapur 4
121 Mekhraj Pariyar Sindhuli 7
122 Bishnu Magar Sindupalchowk 4
123 Apsara Shrestha 4
124 Ganesh Dhatta Panta Bnupa-10
125 Bhakta Bdr Sherstha Kalanki
126 Eake Dhulal Kalanki 2
127 Shuntali Magar Bnupa-10 Sindhuli 6
128 Pudasaini Bnupa-12 Okhaldhunga 3
129 Yagmati School Bnupa-11 3 family
130 Okhaldhunga Tamang Pariwar Gothetar, Kathmandu 7 Indigenaus Group 26 family
131 Bhaktaman Tamang Naikav Dhading
132 Gyan Bdr Nagarkoti Bnupa-12 5
133 Niru Shrestha Bnupa-12 3


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