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Full name of children : Ram Chandra Bohora
Date of birth : 25/02/2006
Sex : Male
Birth place : Chumchaur-1, Jumla
Arrival in CDCA home : 2nd May 2009
Kind of disability : Effect on leg by accident.
Operation: 1 time operation
Grade: 11
Father’s name : Singh Bohora
Mother’s name : Dhumi Bohora
Economic condition: poor

Ram chandra is 15 year old, village boy. He was born in Jumla which lies in the mid western part of Nepal. His father name is Singh Bohora and mother name is Dhumi Bohora. He have got six brother and four sister.

Recently his father had been died. He belong to poor family. He is from the rural area of Nepal where there is no proper sign of development.

He was born normal ,but at the age of year 3, he has got some problem within his left legs, but the problem was not so big, a kind of wound was there in the internal of part of his left leg, so his parent did’t send him hospital because they were too much involved in blind beliefs.

They parent thought that this problem can be solved by doing some kind some traditional puja. But later on, after the year the problem was still there, so their parent decided to send him hospital, they brought Ram Chandra at Banepa HRDC hospital for the treatment.

We the member of CDCA ( Central for Disable Children Asistance ) met Ram chandra at HRDC hospital with the contact of other people who were well known about our organization.

That person approached us to ram chandra to provide help for him. We the CDCA member decided to help him. We brought him at the age of 4 year. He is very happy and looks good at CDCA, Now he is the menmber of our CDCA organization.

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