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Pradeep Gurung is 18 years old, village & he was born in Gorkha, Gumda 5. He has got seven family members & their economic condition is not good. He was fine and good when he was born. There was no health problem when he was born. But when he was 3 year old, he had an accident in the house.

Pradeep was carried by her mother at the back. At the moment her mother was making the traditional alcohol while carrying him. Suddenly the knot which was bound behind her back to carry Pradeep got detached & he fell into the boiling water but luckily his left hand only got caught by the boiling water. His left hand was completely burned by the boiling water & his parents didn’t take him to the hospital for the treatment thinking that it would be cured by using the natural herb. He was treated with natural herbs but it is  not working properly on his hand. He should have been sent to the hospital but due to the economic problem his parents weren’t able to pay the hospital fee. So they depend on medicinal herbs and witch doctor for his treatment.

After two year of his accident, His father (Maila Gurung) contacted CDCA (Central for Disable Children Assistance).So Pradeep’s father came to approach our CDCA organization to support his son. He was brought to cdca at the age of 5 year old. Since 2008 he has been in CDCA & has completed his school level. He got treatment of his hand in HRDC hospital 2 times.

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