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Nabaraj katwal is 13 years now. He was born in Okhaldunga district, chyanam 8. He has got two family member. His father name is Manbahadur Katwal and mother name is Kumari Katwal. His father doesn’t stay with his mother.

Sorrowfully, his father live with his second wife . Nabraj Katwal’s full responsibility was on his mother. His economic condition was very bad. It was very difficult for them to survive in village. Her mother works in others farming land to fulfill their basic needs but it was not enough for them to uplift their living standards. Then, they move to kathmandu to meet their basic needs. His mother used to work as labourer.  Nabraj Katwal was kept at day care center. The day care center have given the scholarship to Nabraj Katwal to study. He was studying from class nursery.The day care center was run by the CDCA organization for to provide the education for needy who are really in poor economic condition and cannot afford for education. Our organization met Nabraj Katwal through day care center.

Now he is studying in Prashanti Academy School. He is in grade 6. His education is going well. He has become the member of our CDCA organization.

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