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Monitoring Visit of SAMSAL

The representative from Skip A Meal Save Life (SAMSAL) from Korea visited CDCA for the regular monitoring of CDCA activities. SAMSAL is the major supporter of CDCA which is funding education, health, tailoring, non-formal and reading education program. During this visit Dr. Yoon and Eunji has observed the Reading Education Class (REP) and non-formal class. Also interaction with the parents is conducted where they give thank to the SAMSAL and CDCA for supporting their children for quality education because without this support they will not be able to provide quality education. They also shared their economical and social problem.

Dr Yoon consulted with the children and their parents for the medical support. John Nagarkoti is suffering for kidney problem and hearing problem. Dr Yoon discussed in details about the problem and decided that through check-up of ear needs to done than the support thus required can be discussed. Bhumika is suffering from blood cancer and needs support for diagnosis of the blood sample. After the detailed discussion Dr. Yoon decides to support for the requested diagnosis.

Dr Yoon also had the curiosity about the Chaupadi Practice of Nepal. Thus, a group discussion was held including 15 women where they share about the practice of chaupadi, how they feel about it, are the willing to carry it on, etc.

We also held an interaction with the students of non-formal class. The women share about the change that have occurred in their livelihood due literacy. Also the difficulty they had faced in attending the daily class. They also ask for the skill oriented training like tailoring so that they can earn for living and become independent.

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