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Mingmar Sherpa

Mingmar Sherpa

Name: Mingmar Sherpa
Date of birth: 16 January 2016
Father’s name: Karma Sherpa
Mother’s name: Pasi Sherpa
Address: Champadevi Rural Municipality -09, Okhaldhunga

Child information:
Mingmar Sherpa is 5 years old girl from Champadevi Rural Municipality, Okhaldhunga district. There are 6 members in her family and the family life depends upon agriculture farming. Because of her disability & geographical condition, she had never been to school. Including her, her elder brother is also disabled, he can’t speak and mentally weak.

Her parents know that she had a problem with her back. So after celebrating her naming ceremony they took her to Okhaldhunga Mission hospital and this hospital was afraid to do her surgery. So, they recommended taking her to a Teaching hospital in Kathmandu. They are not ready for the surgery because for her surgery at least she should be 1 month. So when she is 1 month her surgery was done and doctors told us to bring her again to the hospital because she might get a problem in her brain or leg after surgery. But because of financial problems they couldn’t follow up on her treatment.

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