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Mina gurung

Full name of children: Mina Gurung

Date of birth of children: 2006 November 25

Gender: Female

Permanent address: Gorkha, laprak-6

Arrival date in C.D.C.A home: 2011

Kind of disability of children: Effect in the right hand

Name of school: Prashanti Academy

Location of school: Kapan, KTM

Class: 8

Name of father: Kashiram Gurung

Economics condition: Poor

Mina Gurung is 15 years old, village girl. She was born in Gorkha, Laprak 6. She has one little brother. Her father name is Kashiram Gurung and mother name is Basanti Gurung. Her family’s economic condition is poor. She was born with physical disabilities. She was born with a half-body to paralyze.  She is 50% percent paralyze mentally. Due to the poor economy, she didn’t get good medical care.

Luckily, Mina’s parents got contact with the CDCA organization through the ex-vice president of the CDCA organization. She was brought here at CDCA at the age of 6.

Now, Mina is living in CDCA with other physically disabled children as a family.

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