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Mekh Bahadur Budhathoki

Mekh Bahadur Budhathoki

Name: Mekh Bahadur Budhathoki
Date of Birth:
Address: Sisneri, Sunskoshi Rural Municipality-03 Okhaldhunga
Father’s name: Tek Bahadur Budhathoki
Mother’s name: Narimaya Budhathoki

Mekh Bdr Budhathoki is son of Tek Bdr Budhathoki. He is just near to 3 years now. Tek Bahadur Budhathoki is 23 years from Okhaldhunga district. He have got 4 brother and 2 sisters. He is the younger one. His family are engaged in traditional agriculture. His family economic condition is very poor.

Tek Bahadur Budhathoki had a normal life. And he was married to Narimaya Budhathoki. Unfortunately, one day when was fetching fodder for cattle in the steep hill of his village he fell down and was unconscious. His family came searching for him and took him to the nearby Okhaldhunga hospital 30th June, 2017. 10 days hospitalized. Due to low financial background his father denied to take him to the hospital but his brother insisted to take him to a better hospital. He was taken to Kathmandu after 3 days. Doctors could not diagnosis what. Then he was found to have a spinal cord injury below hip. He faces many difficult after his accident. He was able to move finger of his leg but was not able to move his leg as before. He should take support to go to toilet. After that he came to Jorpati Hospital, Kathmandu. But there was no treatment for him. Then he went to Bir Hospital on 13th July, 2017 for is operation. He stayed there for 15 days. After operation he was not able to feel his leg. So, he went to Bhaisipati hospital for his treatment and was provided with Wheelchair from Latter-Day Saint Charities. After 18 months he got information about the Wheelchair repair and assessment program and applied for the training. Thus, he Become the part of CDCA and the program.

When he became disabled his father-in-law separates him from his wife and son and he was alone. He comes to CDCA and starts getting training in the wheelchair repair project. After some months CDCA starts paying him a salary and he decided to get his wife and son back and still there was a barrier for him from his father-in-law because they thought that he would be unable to look after them and take care of his daughter and grandson. His wife & son came to Kathmandu before the lockdown started in Nepal. Now his wife worked as a housemaid and earned money for their living. So, CDCA wants to help his son for his education

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