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Name: Manish Rai

Age: 7 years

Gender: Male

Grade: 2

Manish Rai is 7 years old boy & the youngest child in CDCA from Powai Solukhumbu district. He is attending primary school in Prashanthi Academy.

When Manish was a 1-year-old he was left alone sleeping near a fireplace in a house & by the time his mother went to the kitchen garden to get the vegetables. Accidentally he rolled down into a fireplace but at this age, he was only crawling a little bit, thus he was not able to get out of it. In the short distance, his mother heard a loud cry from him. So, she rushed back home from the kitchen garden and saw him in the fireplace. She quickly runs to rescue him and pick him from the fire. She took him to a nearby health post where he got primary health care service. Then she was suggested to take hospital in the city. Because of the financial problem, she was not able to do the treatment.

Having financial problems his mother went to Namche Bazar to work and earn money for his treatment. So, she worked in the hotel and earned some money, and came to Kathmandu. She brought him to Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Kathmandu. Here he was diagnosed as deformity bilateral lower limb with above-knee amputated right leg and post-burn contractual left ankle for 3 years and was treated at that center. During an examination, there was an above-knee amputated right lower limb with the scar and healthy stump. There was deformity with a contract over the left ankle.

Now Manish Rai is using a prosthetic leg, he can walk easily like other normal children.

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