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Krishna Acharya

CDCA kapan

Krishna Acharya was discharged from HRDC hospital after being done 6 different operations of his 2 legs. He went to his village Dailekh with his elder brother on 6th August & was visited to hospital on September for regular check-up. The doctors said that his legs are normal & he can walk slowly & asked to do simple exercise. He will back to Kathmandu after 5 or 6 months to reappear in S.L.C exam. Because of difficulty in walk, he couldn’t to go to school regularly, he had failed last year. This year he wants to give again this exam & to have a good result.

He is a boy of 16 years from Dailekh District of Nepal. He has given 10 class exams (SLC) this year from Rasuwa Higher Secondary School. They are 8 members in his family. Her father is a farmer and Mother is housewife and helps him in field works.  The main occupation of the family is Agriculture.  Due to weak economic condition, he is at Rasuwa association since 2 years; this association is not providing them sufficient facilities and not affords them medical treatment too. His physical disabilities are due to childhood accident. When he was 3 years old, he felled down while playing. He was brought to nearby hospital and had got the treatment. The doctor asked to bring him again but the family hadn’t taken him. He can’t stood and walk properly. His medical consultation was done on 16th May at HRDC hospital. Doctor diagnosed that he need 6 different operations at same time of his 2 legs. He had arrived at this center on 14th May and was visited to the hospital on 16th May. He is regularly following physiotherapy at CDCA center with an experience physiotherapist. He has already admitted at HRDC hospital, Banepa on 14th June and the operation will be on 18th June. After the operation, he needs to stay about 3 months for the recovery & physiotherapy.

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