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Kapilvastu field visit report july 2015

Post Date : Sep 24th, 2015

Kapilvastu evaluation & monitoring report- July 2015


A. Tailoring women group Kapilvastu 2014/15

The group of 2014/15 had ended at the last of April 2015. This group farewell ceremony was done on 19th July 2015 in presence of Mr. Dendi Sherpa (CDCA president) & president of village department committee (VDC) of Kapilvastu district. All participants were present in that ceremony. Altogether, there were 64 people present. The certificates were distributed to all participants by Mr. President of VDC.

Subatra Tharu was in first position, she scored 94.5%. Chura Kumari Tharu was in second position, she scored 90 % & in third position Aasha Kumari Chaudary with 88.5%.

The results are in table below:

SN Name Marked obtained out of 100
1 Goma G.C 74
2 Chura Kumari Tharu 90
3 Subatra Tharu 94.5
4 Sarita Tharu (Group A) 76
5 Samjhana Tharu 75
6 Ranju Tharu 60.5
7 Ram Dullari Tharu 67.5
8 Sanati Tharu 59.5
9 Aaskal Tharu 86
10 Nirmala Baijaji Magar 78.5
11 Asha Kumari Chaudary 88.5
12 Shivarani Tharu 68
13 Harji Tharu 79.5
14 Bhutiya Tharu 52.5
15 Nisha Chaudary 86.5
16 Gyan mati Chaudary 83
17 Hasina Tharu 61.5
18 Sushila Tharu 87
19 Martha Tharu 72
20 Sunita Tharu 81
21 Pushabati Tharu 83.5
22 Sangita Tharu 82.5
23 Tirtha Maya Buda 84.5
24 Bima Buda Magar 77.5
25 Sumita Bagalay Magar 77
26 Sarita Tharu (group B) 73
27 Mina Roka Magar 82
28 Ranju Tharu 60.5
29 Jeny Gharti Magar 85
30 Bidhya Rana Magar 78


First of all, we all participants are really thankful to Samsal, South Korea & Center for Disabled Children Assistance, Kathmandu, Nepal. With your help of one year tailoring course at Chanauta, Kapilvastu, we had learned many things from small items to big items.  Now we can sew our family members, neighbor’s & relatives dresses which will be income generation source for us. Before we had to go to market to make our dress, now we can make our dress on staying at home or workshop.



During last evaluation, CDCA found that most of project benefiters (received training on 2013 – 24 & on 2014 – 30) had already started their own workshop at rent place or own house. To establish the workshop or buy the sewing machine, they took the loan from the women group which was founded on 2013. This group was founded in purpose of starting their own business after completing the training. CDCA help them to form a group. Every month they put Rs. 50 in that account and give the loan in 1.5% interest, now in that account they have Rs.85000. In that group, non formal education women group & benefiters of smokeless stove of 2014 are also involved.  Someone who want to do their own business like tailoring workshop, goat farming, beauty parlor etc.  they take a loan from the committee by paying the interest. Someone who wants to join in the group who are not benefiters of our projects can also stay in the group.

The Women 2014/15 below has already started the work at their own houses.  For starting the business some of them have taken the loan from the women group.

  1. Chura Kumari Tharu
  2. Nirmala Baijaji Magar
  3. Subartra Tharu
  4. Shivarani Tharu
  5. Gyanmati Chaudary
  6. Sunita Tharu
  7. Pushabati Tharu
  8. Sangita Chaudary
  9. Tirtha Maya Buda Magar
  10. Mina Roka Magar
  11. Bidhya Rana Magar
  12. Bima Buda Magar
  13. JeenyTharti Magar
  14. Sanati Tharu
  15. Ranju Tharu
  16. Bhutiya Tharu
  17. Harji Tharu
  18. Aaskal Tharu

These women below took the loan from the women group and they already paid back their loan.

  1. Aamrita Tharti Magar (participant of tailoring 2013/2014 session) – Rs. 10000 – buy sewing machine & additional Rs.10000/- medical treatment.
  2. Kusum Tharti Magar (participant of tailoring 2013/2014 session) – Rs.10000 – buy sewing machine. And Rs.15000- pig farming
  3. Ram Dullari Tharu (participant of tailoring 2013/2014 session) – Rs.10000- buy sewing machine. And Rs. 15000 – goat farming
  4. Nirmala Tharu (participant of Non-formal education 2013 session) –Rs.10000 – goat farming
  5. Kamala khamcha (participant of tailoring 2013/14 session) – Rs.11000- goat farming
  6. Sushila Tharti Magar(participant of tailoring 2013/2014 session)- Rs.10000- buy sewing machine.
  7. Sita G.C (participant of tailoring 2013/14) -Rs. 5000- sewing table.
  8. Madhuri Rana Magar(not benefiters of the projects) – Rs.20000- buy beauty parlor
  9. Mitha Thapa(participant of tailoring 2013/2014 session) – Rs. 16000- to start a shop.

Those benefiters of the projects who hasn’t still start the business, said that they are particising at their home by sewing clothes for their families to be perfect. They said that sooner or later the skill they received, they will make it as their income generation. Those benefiters who started the business of goat farming & pig farming, they said their skill will be always applicable.


New session of Tailoring class Kapilvastu 2015


The new session of tailoring class Kapilvastu 2015 has started from May. As last year, this class is always lead by trainer Ms. Chanda Thapa. There are 30 participants and as always there are 3 shifts per day from 10 to 16:45 and 6 days per week. All participants are new and from nearby Chanauta.  Some has basic knowledge and some are 10 class & 12 class pass education.

We had bought 6 leg machines & 1 interlock machine for 24 participants in 2013 (as per budget). As number of participants (30) increases from 2014. For this session they bought the 2 leg machines more because 6 machines are not enough. As we don’t have the budget for machines, CDCA has asked them to buy the machines from the women group fund.

Ms. Chanda Thapa is a good trainer as well as she do the good a coordination too.

Now the group is doing basic items of baby clothes.


List of the tailoring training participants of three groups

First group (10 AM to 12 AM)

  1. Sarita Pun Magar – Shivpur
  2. Mina Upadhiya – Shivpur
  3. Kalisara Rana Magar – Shivpur
  4. Kopila Budhathoki –Shivpur
  5. Sunita Tharu – Uttar rahatkol
  6. Sanju Tharu – Uttar rahatkol

7.Shivkumari Tharu-Uttar rahatkol

  1. Durga Rahu magar – Maduwah
  2. Lahani Tharu -Sonpur

10.Sapna Rokka – Helaudiya


2nd group (12:30 to 14:30)

  1. Sabitra Magar – Chandrauta

2.Sakuntala  Tharu – Bhalwi

  1. Bishnu Acharya – Karaiyha

4.Sangita  Khattri -Hallanagar

  1. Krishna Giri – Hallanagar

6.Sapna  G.C ( k.c ) – Bankatti

7.Laxmi Pariyar – Bankatti

8.Sita  Pariyar – Bankatti

  1. Mandrikala Basnet – Bankatti

10.Shanta  Rawat  Chettri – Karaiya


3rd group (14:45 to 16:45)

1.Sudha  Tharu – Balauwah

2.Gyani  Tharu – Balauwah

  1. Janjiriya Tharu – Balauwah
  2. Bandevi Tharu – Mainar

5.Punam  Kumara  Chaudhari – Dachhin rahatkol

  1. Mina Pulami – Chandrauta

7.Dilmaya  Lamichhane – Chandrauta

  1. Subitri Tharu – Umari

9.Pema  Buda  Magar -Basantapur

  1. Narmata Thapa – Basantapur

B. Non formal women education – Rahatkot, Kapilvastu 2015

This class is running well in same time at same place by Mina Chaudary. Her brother had replaced some time.  There are 34 women; 28 are old and 6 are new.  The 28 are learning Math, nepali, English & social and 6 new are learning alphabets. The tharu are very happy to learn.

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