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Full name of children: Ganga Tamang

Date of Birth: 2066/06/01

Sex: Female

Birth place of children: Dolakha ,Bulung

Arrival date in C.D.C.A Home:

Children Background: Economic problem and from very poor family

Motive of CDCA to adapt her: Her father income is all invest on her mother health who was suffering from Breast Cancer and has to undergo through Chemo therapy due to which her parents were unable to provide her education.

Name of school: Prashanti Academy

Location of school: Budhanilkantha, Kapan

Class: 5

Name of Father: YemBahadur Tamang

Name of Mother: Maya Lama Tamang


Ganga Tamang is 11 year old, village girl. She was born in Dolakha rural part of Nepal. There are 4 family members in her house, she has a twin sister her name is JamunaTamang. Her father name is YemBahadur Tamang and her mother name is Maya Lama Tamang

Ganga father works as a taxi driver. Her father income is being invested on her mother health (she is suffering from breast cancer and has to undergo through Chemo therapy) due to which they got a very poor economic situation, her parent are facing the problem of fulfilling her basic needs and requirement. Unfortunately, her mother pass away and they are living with step mother.


Ganga parents were unable to provide her better education but she wants to study further to become successful and to achieve her goal in her life.Likewise,  She is very good at study and if she got opportunity she will become very successful in her future.

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