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Full name of children : Ganesh Pun
Date of birth of children : 2004 May 23
Sex: Male
Permanent address : Argakachi
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : 2015
Kind of disability of children : Multiple disability (physically and mental)
Name of school : Prashanti Academy
Location of schoo l: Kapan, KTM
Class : 6
Name of father : Anaram Pun
Name of mother : Mangali Pun
Age: 17
Economics condition : Poor

Ganesh pun is 17 years old village boy. He was born in Nawalparasi district. He have got five family member. He have got one younger sister and one younger brother. His father name is Anaram Pun and mother name is Mangali Pun.

He belongs to poor economically family. His parent are involved in agriculture. His mother do a agricultural work and father is carpenter and work in Manang district.

Ganesh Pun was born with the physical problem. When his mother was pregnant, she was very sick due to which she has taken many medicine at the time of pregnancy. The side effect of taking many medicine at the time of pregnancy was main problem behind the physical problem of Ganesh Pun.

The medicine taken by her at the time pregnancy has effected the born baby who was Ganesh Pun. He arrived in CDCA organization at the date of 2015. He was taken by the CDCA organization. His treatment couldn’t be done because of taking many medicine during the pregnancy of her mother when she was sick.

He can be treated his physical weakness by providing the physiotherapy. He came to contact with CDCA organization by the chairman of CDCA organization . It been two year that he has joined the CDCA organization. Now he is studying in grade 6. He is doing well in his study. He has  now become the part of our CDCA organization.

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