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Future Projects

  • Continuity of CDCA Rehabilitation Home by increasing numbers of physical disabled children.
  • Continuity of Scholarship program to more children (with disabilities children, helpless children, economically poor children) at Government Schools & Private Schools in Kathmandu and outside of Kathmandu especially remotest & poorest regions of Nepal.
  • Continuity of Day care center at CDCA Home in clean & healthy environment.
  • Continuity of Non-formal education for more young/adult women in many regions of Nepal.
  • Continuity of Vocational training such as sewing/cutting, candle making & other training for income generation of women
  • Continuity of Medical treatment/Assitive devices support to more children of remote parts of Nepal
  • Continuity of installation of Improved/Smokeless cooking stoves in many households of mountainous, hilly and terai regions.
  • Continuity of support educational materials (stationary, computer) to more schools & students where there are needed of computer knowledge.
  • Continuity of awareness programs/psycho counseling to communities of their negatives perceptions on disabilities
  • Continuity of environment/sanitation programs in Kathmandu & especially in remote areas of Nepal.

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