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FuruLakpa Sherpa

Phur Lkapa Sherpa

Name: Furu Lakpa Sherpa
Date of birth: 1st October 2010
Father’s name: Mingmar Sherpa
Mother’s name: Lakpa Dolma Sherpa
Family members: 5

Background history of Furu Lakpa Sherpa

Furu Lakpa Sherpa is 12 years & he is from the Sherpa community; from Eastern Nepal Kornam village, Molung Rural Municipality 8, Okhaldhunga district. He is the youngest child of Migmar Sherpa & Lakpa Doma Sherpa.

He has problems with his left hand and head. When he was one & a half years old their house was caught by the fire and his left hand burned and his head was injured during that accident& he lost his 2 fingers. His family economic condition is too weak. So, with the support of Sathi Sewa (Organization), he was taken to Okhaldhunga Community Hospital but they only removed frozen water from his hand and just simple dressing was done for his head injury. So, after that with the helicopter charter, he was brought to Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital, Sankhu Kathmandu. In this hospital, his head surgery was done where his head area was replaced by his thigh’s flesh, and for furthermore treatment he was referred to HRDC Hospital, Banepa Kavre. His finger was attached to the backside with his forearm. So, HRDC did the surgery, and his finger was detached with the forearm and he is now able to do the movement with this surgery but still, his 3 fingers were attached to each other. Because of the financial problem, Sathi Sewa was unable to provide more support to him. So, he was brought back to his village.

The community-based rehabilitation program run by Okhaldhunga Community Hospital has helped with his finger separation surgery. Due to the poor financial condition of his family, all the treatment had been done with the support of various organizations. The land where their own house was built isn’t even their property. So, they don’t have land for cultivation and farming. Therefore, they do cultivation in other’s land with 50% sharing. The living of the family depends upon cultivation and farming. This is the reason CDCA decides to help with his education. But still, he has a problem with his head injury and he was supported by CBR Okhaldhunga for his head injury now.

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