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Educational Material Support

In the remote areas of Himalayan and Mountain region in Nepal most of the schools lacks in infrastructures, students and teachers faces various difficulties in teaching and learning activities. The high rate of school dropout practices is seen in such areas due to the above reason.

By focusing on the improvement of teaching learning activities it has been providing the necessary infrastructure educational and electronic material to the schools such as desk, bench, computers etc.

Even it has facilitated in the construction of school building of Shri Pravat Kiran Medium Secondary School in Lapubesi, Gorkha. It has supported by providing 5 LCD computers, books for library to strengthen the administrative and teaching, learning activities of the school.

In addition, it has supported 5 desktop computers to the Nava Jagriti secondary school and in Shisa Khola lower Secondary School 4 LCD computers at Sisa khola, Solukhumbu.

It has supported to build sound proof recording room for producing Audio books targeted to those students who are blind and visually impaired at Bhirkutimandap.

It has contributed by cementing floor of three class rooms, twelve metal frame desks, and benches at Asala Devi School in Thumi- Gorkha. Furthermore, it is equipped with solar panel.

It regularly support by providing the essential items such as pens, pencils, copies, erasers, cutter to 150 students of Asala Devi School (Gorkha) and Nava Jagriti Higher Secondary School (Kapan, Kathmandu).

Furthermore, it has been financially assisted to Bal Uddhar Higher Secondary School (Kapan, Kathmandu) and Nava Jagriti Higher Secondary School for the building renovation.

It has distributed the stationery (Pencils/color pencils,science books) to the students of class 1 and also braille papers, audio CDS to blind students and stationary for physical disabled students of Nepal Adarsha Higher Secondary School of Chanauta VDC of Kapilvastu.

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