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Psychosocial Counseling

CDCA Kapan

People may not be fully aware of the relationship between their mental and emotional wellbeing and the environment. It was first commonly used by psychologist Erik Erikson in his description of the stages of psychosocial developmentMary Richmond, pioneer of American social work regarded there to be a linear relationship between cause and effect in a diagnostic process.

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Psychosocial assessment considers several key areas related to psychological and social functioning and the availability of supports. It is a systematic inquiry that arises from the introduction of dynamic interaction; it is an ongoing process that continues throughout a treatment, and is characterized by the circularity of cause-effect/effect-cause. In assessment the counselor identifies the problem with the client, takes stock of the resources that are available for dealing with it, and considers the ways in which it might be solved from an educated hypothesis formed by data collection.

In CDCA children comes from various background and there are treated differently in the society which could have negative impact in their emotion. These problems are assisted through individual counselling, group counselling and other.


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