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Chhowang Thile Tamang

CDCA kapan

He is 3 years old child from Rasuwa District, Nepal.  He lives in big family of 8 members.  The main resource of the family is agriculture. They don’t have their own land and they works in other’s land. His medical treatment had done at HRDC hospital, Banepa, Nepal.  He had arrived at this center on 14th May 2013 and was visited to the doctor on 16th May 2013.  He has hip problem, his hip are immobile from the birth. The doctor suggested that he need the regular physiotherapy , the exercises can be done at home by parents. So, they had already back to their village (Rasuwa).

CDCA has contacted to them, her father said that he started to walk slowly, the regular exercises help him a lot & his health condition is good. We asked them to bring him for further check at HRDC hospital.





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