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Chanda Rokaya

Chanda Rokaya

Education Support
Name: Chanda Rokaya
Father name: Bal Bahadur Rokaya
Mother name: Bhawani Gautam
Temporary Address: Kapan Sattle,Kathmandu
Age: 5 years

Chanda Rokaya is a 5-year-old girl. There are 3 members in her family, her father, mother, and herself. She is from Rolpa district and currently, she lives in Kapan Settle, Kathmandu. Her parents are differently able, her father is visually impaired and her mother is a polio patient and she needs a wheelchair for her daily mobility. Both of them are jobless, Bal Bahadur used to sing-song & collect money for their daily survival. But due to 2nd wave of the COVID, there was a lockdown in Nepal. So, Bal Bdr has no income or job. They were facing hardship day to day.

CDCA is distributing food relief support as the previous year. We met her through by the time of distributing food supply to the needy people. Chanda Rokaya is studying in LKG in Sagarmatha School & she was supported by school for 2 years for her education but now she didn’t get any support.

So, we decide to support her education because both her parents are differently able and they don’t have fixed jobs and any income.

Chanda Rokaya

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