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CDCA Organic Kitchen Garden

 CDCA garden promote life skills: children grow with the garden.

“Life skills” are personal and social capacities such as managing work, planning and organizing, taking responsibility, working well together, understanding what one is doing, explaining it, taking pride in it and learning from experience. Including life skills in the garden curriculum means giving as much attention to “growing children” as to growing plants. It affects all activities and approaches.

Practical aim Organizational aim Educational Aim
Gardening -to create a successful garden using organic methods -to have self sustaining kitchen -teach how to grow vegetables and farming skill

– to create positive attitude towards agriculture.

Nutrition -to produce food and vegetable for CDCA Care home

– to improve eating habits of children

-to be able to provide organic and fresh vegetables direct so that side effect of pesticides and chemicals can be reduced -teach skill to grow organic and fresh vegetable

-improve balance diet & prepare healthy meals using garden products

-to appreciate healthy food & change their eating habit by including more vegetable in their daily meal planning

Economical – to teach farming as a source of income or as a profession

-to teach kitchen garden reduces daily household expenses

-to minimize the food & nutrition cost of CDCA
Environment -to improve surrounding environment – to create awareness about natural environment



-to teach composting methods

-to teach organic farming so that environment is exploited

Life Skill to help children survive and prosper in the world how to plan, take decisions, collaborate, take responsibility, explain and persuade, etc.
Community to bring together school, children, families and community in a common endeavor to relate to adults in various ways and to be aware of gardening practices in the community

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