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Bhumika Adhikari

bhumika adhakari

Her 2 operations at 2 different times to separate the 2 thigh have completed. She had arrived at this center on 12th February 2013. She was admitted on 14th Feb. She was discharge on 6th May 2013. She had her first operation on 15th Feb & second operation on 10th April.  She had revisited to HRDC hospital on 23rd May for the measurement of right leg, it will be ready on 11th June. After having exercised & used to of one leg, they will measure a left leg. She walks with her hands. She had stayed nearly 3 months at HRDC hospital, Banepa.

With her artificial legs, she can’t able to walk in mountain & as her weak economic family condition, her mother likes to her to put in the association. Because of these reasons, we accept to put at CDCA home. She is trying to adapt in CDCA home environment and with the other children.  Her mother agrees to stay at here until she will able to walk with the legs. She stays here and carries on her studies. Her admission has already done at Pushpalal Memorial Boarding School, she goes to school from this year may be after 2 months. Our children help her to read and write the simple alphabets.

She is very bright, intelligent and cheerful girl of 4 years old. She is from Khotang district of Nepal. This district is one of the remote, isolated and undeveloped districts of Nepal. The main resource of that place is agriculture. The produced cereals are not sufficient for whole year. She fell down on fire while she was only 3 weeks, her mother was suffering from Epileptic disease, she lost consciousness and she left the baby to roll in fire and her legs burnt. They are 8 members family and her father left them because of her mother illness. She didn’t any medical treatment because they thought that she will die  & hospital is far. The poor little girl suffered a lot.

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