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Name: Bhumika Adhikari

Age: 11 years

Gender: Female

Grade: 6

Bhumika is 12 years old and attends her primary school in Prashanthi Academy. She has lived in CDCA since 2012. She is from Jaleshor-6, Khotang district from Eastern Nepal & she belongs to a very poor family where economic and social sound is very poor.

Background information

Bhumika was born normal but when she was 4 months old because of her mother’s epilepsy disease she had lost both legs. By the time of breastfeeding, she had an epilepsy attack; during that, she threw Bhumika into the fire. There was no hospital near her village & even a road was not reached there. They had to walk for 2 days to reach the hospital but because of financial problems they didn’t take her to the hospital and even at the same time her father married another girl and abandoned her. She had basic treatment in the health post.

With the recommendation of her relatives who know CDCA very well, they appealed for her help. She came to CDCA when was 3 years old and with the support of CDCA she got treatment in HRDC (Hospital and Rehabilitation for Disabled Children) hospital. Both of the legs were 3rd degree. Doctors suggested amputating both legs due to contamination because there was a high risk of spreading contamination in other parts.

Now Bhumika can do her daily routine with the help of a skating board. She is an intelligent, clever & active girl & she is good at studying.

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