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Full name of children : Bhim Maya Moktan
Date of birth of children : 2003 November 20
Sex: Female
Permanent address : Banakhu-8, Kavre palanchowk
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : March 2009 A.D
Kind of disability of children : No finger in both hand from birth and legs too.
How many times? : 1 time operation both hand
Name of school : Prashanti Academy
Location of school : Kapan, KTM
Class: 10
Name of father : Deepak Moktan
Economics condition : Poor

Bhim Maya Moktan is 16 years old village girl. She was born in Kavre Palanchock, Banakhu 8. She have three family member.  Her own mother was died by the explosion of gas when she was at the age of 15 months old.

Her mother was kept at Teaching Hospital for one month but couldn’t survive. Now she have step mother.

Her father name is Deepak Moktan. Her parent are illiterate. Her father do the labor in other farming field. They don’t have their own land for farming.

They work on other land to fulfill their basic need for survival. Later his father went to the golf countries to have the better income.

But his all money were gone in the medical treatment of her wife who was died due to the explosion of gas . Bhim was born with the physical disability .

Her both hand finger were completely attach to her both hand due to which she couldn’t able to handle and hold anything else. Her hand were useless for her support. She was brought here at CDCA in 2009.

Bhim Maya Moktan got approached to our CDCA organization through her uncle who were well known about out CDCA organization. After she joined our CDCA organization. She had an operation for both hand. So after the operation of her both hand she feels to easy to handle and hold .

Along with the medical treatment she is studying too here, Now she is studying in grade 10. she finds herself at cdca very confortable. she is having new life at cdca.

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