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Name of the child : Basanta Tamang
Family members : 7
Age: 11
Father’s name : Suman Tamang
Mother’s name : Kesari Tamang
Permanent address : Saieelungsuri Gaupalika-4
Temporary address : Kapan, Kathmandu
Grade : 6

Basanta’s parent are from Saieelungsuri gaualika- 4, Dolakha. They came here Kathmandu years ago. There economic condition was weak and agriculture is not enough for the survival of life. So, they migrate here in Kathmandu to get the better job and improved their living.

Till now there economic condition is weak. His father work in abroad and his mother do weaving Nepali carpet.

We meet Basanta Tamang in day care center which is run by CDCA at past years. He started to study from Nursery. Now he is studying at grade 6 at Prashanti Academy.

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