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Anjala Sunuwar is 15 years old village girl. She was born in Ramechhap district, Kumuksthali 6. She has got nine family members. Her father name is Bojan Sunuwar and mother name is Tilkumari Sunuwar.

Her family’s economic condition is very poor because of having many family members. It was difficult for her parents to rear their children. They both work as labor in others farming fields. They don’t have their own farming fields to do agriculture. Her parents migrated to Kathmandu valley from Ramechhap in 1990 for to have the better job to improve their living standards. Her mother works at rug factory where she has to roll the thread.

Anjala Sunuwar was kept at day care center. The day care center have given the scholarship to Anjana Sunuwar to study. He was studying from class nursery in Pushpalal Memorial School. Our CDCA organization have met Anjana Sunuwar at day care center.

The day care center was run by the CDCA organization for to provide the education for needy who are really in poor economic condition and cannot afford for education. Our organization met Anjala Sunuwar through day care center.

Now she is studying in Prashanti Academy School. She is in grade 9. Her education is going well. She has become the member of our CDCA organization.

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