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Full name of children : Anjali Tamang
Date of Birth : 2062/12/30
Age : 14
Mother’s name : Shamjhana Tamang
Permanent Address : Nuwakot
Kind of disabilities : deaf and can’t speak by birth
Grade : 3
Gender : Female

Anjali Tamang is a 14 years old child with hearing and speech problem. Her mother name is Shamjhana Tamang. Her father died when she was small. Her mother works in a garment factory in a daily basis. They have migrated from Nuwakot district. Her mother shared that she had a problem by birth.

She is admitted in Deaf school in Nursery on 17th April 2012. The school name is Central Higher Secondary School for The Deaf situated at Naxal, Kathmandu.

School runs Sunday to Monday six days in a week while Saturday is holiday. Now, she is in class 3.

Anjali have very difficult because she is staying with grandmother who have no income. She is totally depend on CDCA as we have taken the responsibility of her.

The future of Anjali depends on the initiation and help of CDCA. We are providing her education in the school where the deaf children study.

We are in need of the donor. She come to CDCA in her holiday and spent time here. It will be great act of humanity to provide her regular support. Her future will be dark if she was not taken care by CDCA.

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