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Working Areas

The major working areas of CDCA are the empowerment of people living with disabilities. The other crosscutting areas of CDCA include

  1. Wheelchair Repairing and Maintenance – conducting training to repair and maintenance of the wheelchairs, collection, and distribution.
  2. Education – Supporting school education to children with disabilities, promoting inclusive education at local, provincial and government level.
  3. Health – Making arrangement of medical help, nutritional food, physiotherapy, etc, for needy people with disabilities.
  4. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) – Promoting disabled friendly WASH facilities.
  5. Income Generation – providing supports, skills, training for income generation with special focus to women with disabilities.
  6. Psychosocial Counseling – providing necessary psychosocial counseling to the trauma survivors, families, etc.
  7. Awareness, prevention campaigns – conducting awareness raising at schools, community levels.
  8. Rehabilitation Centre- accommodating and rehabilitating the needy and marginalized

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