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A needy woman seeks for financial assistance

Post Date : May 15th, 2018

                                                                            Picture: Buddha Maya Sunar with her two daughters

Nepal is a low middle income country situating on the South-Asian region. Most of the places here are remote villages lacking the basic developmental facilities like transportation, communication, education and employment. The prevalent social, economical and political problems are becoming the hindrances to overall socio-economic development of our country. Morever, the issues uprooted in the community of remote areas are hindering the quality living of people in Nepal such as violence, abuse, gender and ethnic discrimination, superstitions, ill traditions, poverty, illiteracy, etc.  Due to all these, the affected people cannot uplift their lifestyle and continue those problems to their further generation,  as these problems are still not addressed properly at national level.

Here, we present a similar scenario of Nepal through a pitiful story of a woman living in Gorkha district of Nepal.

Buddha Maya Sunar was from Gorkha, a part of province-4 of federal Nepal.She got married to her husband kumar Sunar and gave birth to her two daughters named Binita and Rebika Sunar. They are now 5 years and 3 years respectively. Her life seemed normal. However, one incidence made her life so miserable that she became helpless and hopeless about her future. Morever, she is much worried about the lives of her two daughters.

Her husband left her for no reason. She is still unknown about his condition and current address. After that event, her life was ruined. As she was illiterate, unemployed and belonged to so called lower caste, she couldn’t move on independently. She now has sole responsilility to rear up her daughters which is indeed troublesome for an uneducated and unemployed mother like her. She was even deceived by one person whom she asked for help. In the recommendation of that person, she came to Kathmandu along with her daughters but she was not able to meet that person.  It was a challenging decision for her to leave her home. But she took the step as there was no possibility of economic help both from her husband’s and parents’ family. However, she ended up being helpless again. Eventually, she came to know about Center for Disabled Children Assistance(CDCA). Then, she visited the office and shared all her worries to Dendi Sherpa, chairman of CDCA.

She is very hopeful that she would be assisted by CDCA with respect to provision of her proper employment and quality education to her daughters. She even expressed her feelings that though she had to go through such situation because of her illiteracy, she would not like to see her daughters grow in lack of proper education.

CDCA wants to help Buddha Maya so as to uplift her present condition.Thus, we are actively in search of sponsors who would aid in educating those poor girls sustainably  unless their mother becomes economically stable.

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